Tragedy-Friend #20 - Canadian Blood Services

Tragedy-Friend #20: 
Canadian Blood Services 

While this section is normally dedicated to celebrating the kindness and endeavours of our musical peers, this month we've decided to do something a little different. After an eventful trip to their donor clinic a…

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Tragedy-Friend #19 - Sophia Perlman

Tragedy-Friend #19: 
Sophia Perlman 

We are blessed to have peers who do vital and exciting work. Every month we take a moment to spread the good word about them and what they do, and for September, we're singing the praises…

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Tragedy-Friend #18 - Rodney Jantzi

Tragedy-Friend #18: 
Rodney Jantzi 

We delight in taking a minute every month to celebrate a different friend that we feel honoured to orbit. In August, it's the rapturous (and resourceful) Rodney Jantzi.

 (Rodney in his happy place) 

Since this darn…

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Tragedy-Friend #16 - Mirella Cazzola

Tragedy-Friend #16: 
Mirella Cazzola 

Every month we spend a little time celebrating a person who's had a profound impact on us and our music. We'd have a heckuva time thinking of anyone who better fits this description than the marvellous…

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Tragedy-Friend #15 - Unison Benevolent Fund

Tragedy-Friend #15: 
Unison Benevolent Fund 

Every month we dedicate some space in this note to celebrate peers and friends that we admire and respect. While normally a person, we thought it appropriate for April's Tragedy-Friend to be the Utterly Unbelievable …

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Tragedy-Friend #14 - Jenna Gregory

Tragedy-Friend #14: 
Jenna Gregory 

Every month we set some time aside to celebrate the different people who have been essential and continue to be irreplaceable in our dealings as Tragedy Ann. 
March's Tragedy-Friend is the Joyeuse Jenna Gregory: 

(Hanging with…

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Tragedy-Friend #13 - Beverly Kreller

Tragedy-Friend #13: 
Beverly Kreller 

Every month we take a moment to celebrate our peers and remember how privileged  we are to be in their orbit. 
February's Tragedy-Friend is the Bonne Vivante Beverly Kreller: 

(Bev shares Liv's need to squeeze) 


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Tragedy-Friend #12 - Jillian Sauerteig

Tragedy-Friend #12: 
Jillian Sauerteig 

Every newsletter we dedicate a tranquil moment to reflect on one of our incredible peers. 
January's Tragedy-Friend is the jubilant Jillian Sauerteig: 

(photo by Alex Lam

You might not have met our pal Jill before,…

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Tragedy-Friend #11 - Moonfruits

Tragedy-Friend #11: 

Every newsletter we dedicate a hot second to introducing you to our peers. They make it so very easy to gush about, and we know that if you dig what we do, you'll love them! 
November's Tragedy-Friends…

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Tragedy-Friend #10 - The Lifers

Tragedy-Friend #10: 
The Lifers 

Every newsletter we dedicate a tranquil moment to hyping-up our peers. They make it so very easy to gush about, and we know that if you dig what we do, you'll love them! 
November's lustrous Tragedy-Friends…

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Tragedy-Friend #9 - Basset

Tragedy-Friend #9: 

Every newsletter we spend a little time gushing about our peers in this little Canadian folk music community. We love talking about how amazing our pals are! 
September's Tragedy-Friends are the bewitching Basset

(photo by Jake

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