European Release Tour with The Lifers and Samson Wrote

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Italy | Germany | Norway

Tickets available soon.

The Collective: The Lifers, Tragedy Ann, and Samson Wrote are three interconnected folk acts from Guelph (Canada) dedicated to crafting sharp, intimate, community-minded folk songs. In various configurations, this group of four singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists—Anita Cazzola, Liv Cazzola, Braden Phelan, and Sam Boer—have toured across Canada, the United States, and Europe; recorded several acclaimed albums; and received critical praise for their nuanced and heartfelt approach to contemporary folk music.

The Lifers: The Lifers (led by sisters Liv and Anita) are an art-folk/rock collective whose intertwined voices dynamically convey vulnerability and strength, confronting the fragility of our world and ourselves. Their latest release Honey Suite, which employs conventional instruments in unconventional ways, led to their nomination for “Emerging Artist of the Year” (Canadian Folk Music Awards). With “excellent arrangements” (Hillside Festival), “awe-inspiring vocal harmonies” (The Indie Blender), and “lyrics that compel the listener to dig deep” (Rrampt), folk music has never sounded so immediate.

Samson Wrote: Samson Wrote (led by Sam) crafts unusual folk songs. Their debut LP, Pigeon, was described by Exclaim! Magazine as “prolific and expansive,” and it received a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination in the “Pushing the Boundaries” category. Samson Wrote highlights the minutia of everyday life, considering how the quietest conversations, innocuous moments, and unimposing objects come to define ourselves and our communities.