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A few ways to support your local artists:

-Buying their CDs, downloading their tunes - this is a terrific way to both keep artists afloat and enjoy some new music! It's best to buy from their websites or Bandcamp, where artists get the biggest cut of proceeds

-Tune-in to online performances - many artists are turning to live streaming to supplement income and reach audiences virtually. There's a wealth of phenomenal performances happening, and it's worth checking out! A lot of acts have virtual tip jars set up - please donate if you're able. (ours is just above this list, along with all our recorded music below)

-Tell your friends - even in the age of ubiquitous sharing of information, the best way to spread the word about independent art events is via word-of-mouth! Sharing a Facebook event, texting a friend about it, or bringing it up in conversation doesn't cost any money, takes very little time and effort, and has the added benefit of being a conversation topic that is only a little virus-related!

-Sign-Up for newsletters - this pandemic will be behind us eventually, and there are going to be oodles of phenomenal artists itching to hit the road soon after! Don't rely on Facebook to get your music updates - they're making it increasingly difficult to access fans without buying ads. Stay in touch like it's 1999!

-Consider hosting a house concert once it's safe - all the same points as above. House concerts are a great passion of ours, and we're happy to walk you through the process of hosting your first one!

-Vote for governments that support the arts - our current provincial government has slashed arts funding. This has an immediate impact on independent artists, and our ability to create, tour, and operate sustainably. Consider the arts at the ballot box!

-Donate to Unison Benevolent - the folks at Unison make miracles happen and support Canadian musicians in big big ways. Their requests for aid have raised by over 1900% in the past weeks, averaging at about $200,000/week. You can find them here:

Please consider supporting our musical endeavours in these lean times.

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