1. Nails

From the recording Stumbling

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I’ll be the nails in your coffin babe,
The straw that finally breaks your back.
I ain’t a winning card,
But I’m the last in your mouldy pack.
It ain’t leavin’ me that kills you babe,
It’s getting me back.

I’ll be the breeze in your sails babe,
The wind that takes you far from home,
The light at night that whispers,
“You aren’t alone”.
But breezes turn to galezes and by morning,
I’ll be gone.

*We’ll go a-waltzing through rehab,
And I’ll charleston in the morgue.
I’m nothing you need,
But I’m certain that you’ll want more.*

I’m the feeling that you get in your bones,
When you’re outta time,
And if you need a hangman,
Show me the dotted line,
If you’re hiring pallbearers babe,
I’d give it a try.


I’ll be the ice in your veins babe,
When all yours friends have gone away,
You’ll be the fool,
That didn’t recognize your grave.
From here on in it’s just,
You and me babe.
From here on in it’s just,
You and me babe.