1. Save Me

From the recording Stumbling

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Save Me

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Save Me
(Cazzola & Phelan - 2016)

There’s a world out there,
And I don’t wanna face it alone.
I could stay curled up,
And no one would ever know:

I’m complacent,
I’m a coward,
I’m lazy,
And I’m sour.
So babe, It’s your,
Finest hour.

*Save me,
From myself.
I need your help.
When you love me,
My cold heart melts.
The love you give for free,
Is saving me.*

There’s a world out there,
And I wanna face it with you.
We could bundle up,
And lace up our fingers too.
I’m in love,
(You’re a liar),
All because you lit a fire,
(It’s true babe),
I’ll never tire.


So dance with me darlin’,
With your two left feet.
Stumbling with you,
Is all I need.