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Perfect Strangers

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Liv: voice, accordion, piano, omnichord, organelle, mission organ
Braden: voice, acoustic and nashville guitars
Peter Klaassen: upright bass
Jillian Sauerteig: cello
Adrian Irvine: violin
Peter Klaassen: arco bass
Katie Clark: trumpet
Jeff LaRochelle: bass clarinet
Anita Cazzola: voice, banjo
Sam Boer: voice, bass drum


Barbara paints a picture
Of the Yelling Man downtown
Her shaking hand remembers Sam
Playing with his hat out
Her brush is coloured Summer
When the sidewalk was filled
Two years in to Parkinsons
She can’t keep it still

My neighbour grows tomatoes
Like he has for sixty years
Paradise in his backyard
Since immigrating here
His doctor told him last spring
To cut them from his diet
So Alfredo grows tomatoes
He leaves them on the vine

Are we weighed by what we love?
What are we worth when it’s gone before us?

Ben plays hockey organ
For the local Junior A’s
He’s never had an audience
That wasn’t wearing skates
The league sent him a letter
“Times are changing fast”
The radio is cheaper
This season is his last

Are we weighed by what we love?
What are we worth when it’s gone before us?

Barbara’s bought a camera
And she never puts it down
Alfredo plants a seed and smiles
It’s the gardening that counts
Ben plays a church on Sundays
Even after the ice melts
To my knowledge they’ve never met
They know each other well