From the recording Heirlooms

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The Good of my Heart

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Liv: voice, piano, rhodes, glockenspiel
Braden: voice, acoustic and nashville guitars
Jillian Sauerteig: cello
Adrian Irvine: violin


When I went over the hills
I found a good lie
And I wanted more
Through the good of my heart

Then I was broken
Into tumbleweed stew
To be this for you
Through the good of my heart

Who I now am
Is who I’ll be when
I shed the pretend
And cradle the mend

Hard to believe
In who you are
Hard to believe
There’s good in my heart

Longing was lemonade
A seaside serenade
But as I rode that wave
I was washed away

You called it leaving
I called it a start
Cause I longed for the beating
Of the good of my heart

Who I was then
Is who I still am
I’ve shed the pretend
And cradled the mend

Better believe
The light is a star
I better believe
In the good of my heart