1. Heirloom

From the recording Heirlooms

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Liv: voice, ukulele, piano, organelle, mission organ
Braden: voice, acoustic
Peter Klaassen: electric bass
Mark Mariash: drums
Jillian Sauerteig: cello
Adrian Irvine: violin
Jeff LaRochelle: flute, bass clarinet
Sam Boer: cymbal
James Paul: arp 2600


Where did
Where did he touch you?
Do you recall
The bathroom stall
Where they told you that
They always knew?

Passed down to children
The branch and vine
Are intertwining
Souring the sweetest fruit

Eldest sibling
Protect the rest
The heart inside your chest
Will never beat the night

Wake to a nightmare
Spend your days
Making trades
With the spirit of an angry Christ

When you prayed he’d die
Angels heard your cry
Brought him to the light
Beat him with a pipe

They sent you to his wife
Comfort at her side
But you couldn’t hide
The joy you felt that night


You knew
You knew the feeling
Your firstborn daughter
Lost her laughter
And lives a screaming silent truth

It’s ordinary
Tried forgetting
Tried bloodletting
It go
So did you pass it on?


The same blood that cascades from
My nose in dry months
And keeps us both warm in the night

The genes I am made of
The grey hairs that you love
The cheeks that flush when we fight

The atoms that gather
To build my brain matter
And sing their own songs out of sight

My pulse pounds the sum
Catch-22 equation
All brought to you
By grace and complication