Tragedy-Friend #20 - Canadian Blood Services

Tragedy-Friend #20: 
Canadian Blood Services 

While this section is normally dedicated to celebrating the kindness and endeavours of our musical peers, this month we've decided to do something a little different. After an eventful trip to their donor clinic a week ago, we're singing the praises of all the staff at Canadian Blood Services

(at least half the band is graceful) 

Liv & I can both be a little squeamish around blood and needles, and had been finding all kinds of excuses to avoid donating blood for far too long. We were finally galvanized into booking appointments this summer thanks to regular-donor Preetam Sengupta, and our first donations went off very smoothly. Unfortunately, last week I fainted in the parking lot after my second donation. Despite being freaked the heck out, Liv, bless her, caught me and let me down slowly enough to prevent any bumps on the noggin'. 

The staff were on it like white on rice, and in no time at all had me on a stretcher back into the clinic to keep an eye on me while I regained my senses. Declaring that "If I haven't married Liv yet, I probably should," they made sure I was comfortable and safe. 

The care that the donation staff and volunteers put into their work is admirable, and we strongly encourage you to consider donating. While I'm having to wait a few months before I can donate again, I'm gung-ho to get back at it!

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