Tragedy-Friend #6 - Richard Garvey

Tragedy-Friend #6: 
Richard Garvey 

June's Tragedy-Friend is raucous Richard Garvey

Witnessing Richard Garvey sing his tunes has yet to leave us without a full heart, a few tears, smile-induced face aches and a laugh-induced ab workout. He reels you right in as he speaks to the "marbled mess of the human condition" with such honesty and whit. He's often found strummin' a ukulele, guitar or banjo in all the nooks and crannies of Canada. 

And on top of all this, he's an incredibly kind friend, a passionate community builder and mindful member of the folk family. 

He just released an album titled "You can't just assume everyone wants to have sex with you" and it's really great. It was on repeat in the car throughout tour. We suggest you follow suit! And go see him live!

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