Batstone's Northern Ramble w. Moonfruits

Batstone's Northern Ramble, Railway Avenue, Renfrew, ON Tragedy Ann and Moonfruits reunite for a double-bill, for the first time in Renfrew!

Spring Has Snoozed Tour: May 22 - June 9, 2019, folk/singer-songwriter partner duo Tragedy Ann (Guelph, ON) - equipped with branded pillowcases and herbal tea - head East on their Spring Has Snoozed Tour. Following the release of their live video for ‘Snooze’, the pair will bring the eponymous tune, as well as others off of their Autumn 2018’s release ‘Matches’, to ON, QC, NB and NS living rooms, churches, yoga studios, parking lots, pubs, gardens and festival stages.

About Tragedy Ann: The award-winning music of Guelph folk duo Tragedy Ann inspires chills, provokes smiles, and reminds you to breathe. With the occasional nod to alt. blues and handshake with contemporary folk-rock, Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan intertwine the storytelling power of Tom Waits with the musical nuance of Mandolin Orange, crafting something simultaneously familiar and fresh. Rooted in passionate vocal harmony, Tragedy Ann’s songs tackle topics from love-drunkenness to hospital visits with equal intimacy. Cazzola’s multi-instrumental menagerie and Phelan’s dynamic guitar flavours provide a lush backdrop to these powerful narratives, reminding you that you do indeed love the accordion—you just never heard it played this sweetly.

About Moonfruits: Fronted by partners Alex Millaire and Kaitlin Milroy, Ottawa-based Moonfruits are makers of art-folk bilingue. In a forest of banjo, guitar, kalimba and glockenspiel, their voices burrow and soar. Here is a reverie, tender and powerful, beckoning listeners to elevate the stuff of everyday life. Four-time 2019 Trille Or nominees, Moonfruits have toured Canada coast to coast, moving audiences with a live show that mixes French and English organically, playfully, intentionally. What grows in the forest of Moonfruits’ imagination is a songcraft that is elastic and never fails to transport. Their début full-length Ste-Quequepart (2017) \saint-kehk-pahr or Saint Somewhere\ is an elaborate small town fiction that explores the faces of gentrification, isolation and community.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 Doors: 7:30 pm Music: 8 pm Tickets: $10 adv / $15 door